fatin liyana first entry.......JOM baca!!!!masa tu dia pon NEWBIE...

hajimemashite ^___^!! i'm a new blogger~

hello~~ minna genki ? ^__^

whats up guys! i'm fresh in blogspot. hee dozo yoroshiku ne! i decided to set up a blog of mine a long tyme ago & syukur alhamdulillah! dis tyme i really made it hehe.
though my blog is kinda useless, but i found my layout is super-dooper-kawaiiiiiiiiii !!!! hehe. somehow it gives me spirit to continue writing ! if u aint lyk pink or cute stuff plz dont comment kay *_*

oh yes!! 2009 has come! so here are some of my wishlist!
hv a pleasant read guys!

~*~*~*~ Honey Koyuki's 2009 WishList !! ~*~*~*~*

- to score 3.5 & above !
- to pay attention during tutorials n lectures
(my greatest weakness)
- to date my cutey bf again & again & again !
- to expand my circle of friends
- to meet Zaquan Adha
- to organize my upcoming bday party
-to buy LG Ice Cream phone

hehe nvr know if i will make it esp the 1nd & 2nd points!
Goshh! its already 0400 ! i desperately need to stop typing n get back to my comfy bed ^___^

c u guys around !